4.2 Dynamic Scheduling

ZENworks Orchestrator enables you to create jobs that meet the infrastructure scheduling and resource management requirements of your data center, as illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 4-2 Multi-Dimensional Resource Scheduling Broker

Notice that there are many combinations of constraints and scheduling demands on the system that can be managed by the highly flexible Orchestrator resource broker.

Policies govern how jobs are dynamically scheduled based on the various job constraints that are shown in the following figure. Policies are XML files that specify the requirement for all constraints.

Figure 4-3 Policy-Based Resource Management Relying on Various Constraints

Every resource has abstracted attributes, called facts, that define its operational characteristics.

Figure 4-4 Policy-Based Job Management

Resources that are discovered by the Orchestrator Server (resource broker) are defined by a resource.facts file (1), which are monitored by service level agreement systems on the broker (2).

See Section 8.0, Job Scheduling for examples of scheduling jobs. See also Section 7.7, Working with Facts and Constraints.