9.6 Automatically Provisioning a VM Server

If you write jobs to automatically provision virtual machines, you set the following facts in the job policy:


These are the job facts to enable and configure the usage of virtual machines for resource allocation. These facts can be set in a job’s policy.

For example, setting the provision.maxcount to greater than 0 allows for virtual machines to be included in resource allocation.

       <fact name="provision.maxcount" type="Integer" value="1" />
       <fact name="provision.maxpending" type="Integer" value="1" />

The following figure shows the job’s ZENworks Orchestrator Console settings to use VMs:

Figure 9-5 Job Settings for VM Provisioning

Info/Groups Tab for a Job

Specifying Reservations

When using automatic provisioning, the provisioned resource is reserved for the job requesting the resource. This prevents another job requiring resources from obtaining the provisioned resource.

When the job that reserved the resource has finished its work (joblet has completed) on the provisioned resource, then the reservation is relaxed allowing other jobs to use the provisioned resource.

Using JDL, the reservation can be specified to reserve by JobID and also user. This is done using the ProvisionSpec class.