10.3 Orchestrator Sample Job Summary

The following table provides a high-level explanation of the Orchestrator job examples that are delivered with Orchestrator and the job developer concepts you might want to understand:

Table 10-1 ZENworks Orchestrator Job Development Examples

Example Name

Job Function Capabilities


  • Using policy constraints and job arguments to restrict joblet execution to specific resources.

  • Scheduling joblets using a ParameterSpace.

  • Provides an example of executing a command on a resource.


  • Downloading files stored on grid management servers to networked nodes.


  • Retrieving information about objects in the grid relative to another object.


  • Managing how joblets failover to enhance the robutsness of your jobs.


  • Installing a ZOS client on multiple machines.

  • Provides an example of executing a command on a resource.


  • Understanding the various argument types that jobs can accept (integer, real, Boolean, string, time, date, list, dictionary, and array, which can contain the types integer, real, Boolean, time, date, and String).


  • Understanding how to launch specific applications on specified resources.


  • Understanding how jobs can start multiple instances of a joblet on one or more resources.


  • Understanding how poll all resources on the grid.an ordered serialized scheduling of the joblets


  • Sending a command to the operating system’s default command interpreter. On Microsoft Windows, this is cmd.exe. On POSIX systems, this is /bin/sh.