1.3 How Do I Interact with ZENworks Orchestrator?

Administrators and users perform their activities by using their own graphical tool or command line interface tool available from the server. In general, the same functions are available in either the graphical or the command line tools. The toolset is summarized in the chart below.

Table 1-1 Summary of the ZENworks Orchestrator Toolset


Tool Type


Common Function


Graphical Interface

The ZENworks Orchestrator Console, which is an installed client

  • Stops or starts the server(s) for Orchestrator.

  • Deploys jobs.

  • Manages Group and Policy associations.

  • Monitors jobs.

  • Helps troubleshoot jobs/policies.

  • Monitors computing resource usage.

  • Creates and manages user accounts.

Command Line Interface

Sample command line for help:

zosadmin command --help


Graphical Interface

The Orchestrator User Portal, which is a Web application

  • Searches for deployed jobs.

  • Searches for available computing resources.

  • Runs jobs.

  • Monitors users running jobs.

  • Manages the user’s own jobs. That is, a user can cancel, pause, restart, and change job priority.

Command Line Interface

Sample command line for help:

zos command --help

Other functions can also be performed by using either the graphical or command line tools. The sections that follow show examples for performing these functions from either interface, when applicable.

To help you understand how these tools can be used, you can find more information in the following sections: