6.5 Using a Virtual Machine Not Checked in to the Warehouse

If you create a VM to be used in your data center and you do not want to store it in the VM Warehouse, you can use the VM Builder to create it. However, when you are finished building the VM and it is listed in its Installed state, do not check it in. This allows you to save information on any additional hard disk drives you have designated during the build process of the VM.

After the VM is listed as Installed, you can go to the ZENworks Orchestrator Console and click Provision > Discover VM Images to discover the newly created VM. After you have discovered it, you can provision it and use all the provisioning menu actions on it.

When you are finished using the VM, you can remove it from its listing in the ZENworks Orchestrator Console and delete it from the Workspace in the ZENworks VM Management Console. However, to completely remove the image from the computer, you must delete its image and the configuration files found in /etc/xen/vm/ and /var/lib/xen/images/.