User Source

The User Source panel lets you determine the source (Inventory user data or authoritative user source) from which you can select users to associate with product licenses.

You can use only one source at a time. If you change the source, any existing user-to-license associations are removed. To reconstruct the associations, you must add users from the new source to appropriate license entitlements.

  1. Select one of the following sources:

    • Inventory user data: This list of users comes from the Entered User information included with each device hardware and software inventory (Device tab > device > Inventory > Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory link).

      The Entered User information is populated in the following ways: 1) Inventory data migrated from ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management 2) User-supplied through Collection Data forms or 3) Administrator-supplied by manually editing the Entered User field.

      You should use this source only if the users you want to associate with the licensed products are defined as Entered Users, or if you plan to define them as Entered Users.

    • Authoritative user source: This list of users comes from the LDAP directory (or directories) defined as user sources for your Management Zone (Configuration tab > User Sources).

      The Authoritative user source users are connected to devices through primary user assignments. (device > Summary tab > Primary User). When a product is installed on a device, the license consumption is credited to the primary user of the device.

  2. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.

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