Dashboard and Trending

The Dashboard and Trending page allows you to configure the patch Dashboard and trending behavior for the Patch Management Server. You can decide the time when the Dashboard receives daily updates. This page also enables you to specify the number of days the Patch Management Server database stores Dashboard and trending information.



Dashboard and Trending

Enables you to specify for how many days the database stores Dashboard information.This information is then used to create dashboard and graph information.If you want to turn off data collection for the dashboard, select 0 days.

This section also includes a check box for saving a record of patch status history for every day in your database (this data is also used to show trends in the Patch Compliance dashboard graph). Enterprises with 10k+ nodes shouldn’t use this option because when the data for all nodes and patches is saved, it can consume a large amount of your database very quickly.

Impacts to include

Lets you select the impact status of patches for which Dashboard information will be collected. Depending on the impacts you select, the Patch Compliance by Device Dashboard report will display the data.

Custom Patch Agent Status report Filter time

The interval at which the Patch Agent status report refilters itself.

Dashboard Report Schedule

The schedule by which the patch Dashboard retrieves updates. You can either choose the Default option (which will update the dashboard once daily) or Select a schedule to generate dashboard report (which lets you choose a custom schedule).

For more information on configuring the Dashboard Report Schedule see Dashboard Report Schedule.

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