Schedule Vulnerability Definition Content

The Schedule Vulnerability Definition Content options allow you to configure vulnerability definition content distribution schedules for the devices in your network. You can also choose when to distribute bundle content through the Patch Detection.



Distribute vulnerability definition before scan

Deploys vulnerability definition content immediately.

Distribute vulnerability definition content on a schedule

Lets you specify a schedule to distribute vulnerability definition content.

To start setting the vulnerability definition schedule, you need to select the schedule type. ZENworks Patch Management Services offers two types of schedules to determine when the vulnerability definition distribution actually occurs on the target device:

  • Date Specific: Selecting Date Specific schedules the vulnerability definition distribution on your selected devices according to the selected date.

  • Recurring: Selecting Recurring starts the vulnerability definition distribution on the selected day at the selected time, repeats the distribution every day/week/month, and if defined, ends on a specific date.

To save any changes made in the Schedule Vulnerability Definition Content page, click Apply or OK.

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