Non-Registered Device Settings

Devices that are new to the ZENworks Management Zone and have received their first image need certain IP configuration information to successfully access the network and network services. You can use Preboot Services to automatically name your non-registered devices, using such criteria as prefixes, BIOS information (such as asset tags or serial numbers), DNS suffixes, and you can set up DHCP or IP addresses.

For example, the device needs a unique IP address and the address of at least one DNS name server. In many networks, this information is distributed through the DHCP services, but can also be configured through the default Preboot Services configuration settings in Zenworks Control Center.

After a device has registered with ZENworks, its configuration is set and the non-registered device settings in the Management Zone no longer apply to it, because the ZENworks server now knows its identity. Whether it becomes a member of the zone or continues to be a non-registered device depends on whether the image applied to the device contains the ZENworks Imaging Agent (novell-ziswin).

The following sections provide instructions for configuring non-registered devices:

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