ZENworks Agent

The ZENworks Agent page lets you control aspects of the ZENworks Agent. The page includes the following panels:

  • Agent Security: Enables uninstalling of the ZENworks Agent, sets uninstall and override passwords, and enables client self-defense.

  • Agent Location Awareness: Determines whether the ZENworks Agent uses full Location Awareness mode or Location Awareness Lite mode when gathering the network information used to determine its current location.

  • Agent Features: Installs, uninstalls, enables, and disables individual ZENworks Agent modules.

  • General: Configures the ZENworks Agent’s cache and server request behavior.

You can define the ZENworks Agent settings at three levels:

  • Management Zone: The settings are inherited by all device folders and devices.

  • Device Folder: The settings are inherited by all devices contained within the folder or its subfolders. Overrides the Management Zone settings.

  • Device: The settings apply only to the device for which it is configured. Overrides the settings set at the Management Zone and folder levels.

NOTE:If you are configuring the ZENworks Agent settings on a device folder or a device, you need to click Override settings before you can modify the settings.

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