Primary User

The Primary User panel enables you to determine how and when a device’s primary user is calculated.

You can define the primary user settings at the following levels:

  • Management Zone: The primary user settings are inherited by all device folders and devices.

  • Device Folder: Overrides the Management Zone primary user settings. The primary user settings are inherited by all devices contained within the folder and its sub-folders.

  • Device: Overrides the primary user settings defined at the Management Zone and folder levels. The primary user settings apply only to the device for which they are configured.

Configure the following settings to determine the primary user and reset the data used for calculating the primary user:

  1. If you are setting the primary user calculation for a device or folder, click Override settings to activate the panel.

  2. Select one of the following methods:

    Usage: The user who has been logged in to the device the greatest amount of time.

    Number of Logins: The user who has logged in to the device the most number of times.

    Select Primary User: The user you specify directly. Click Browse icon to select the user.

  3. If you want to reset the data (such as usage or number of logins), used in primary user calculation, periodically, select one of the following reset options:

    Reset After X Days: Specify number of days to reset the calculation data. For example, if 30 days is specified, then user data will be reset every 30 days. The default, 0 days, causes no reset of data to ever occur.

    Reset On Date: Specify a date when you want to reset the calculation data. You can use the calendar option Calender icon to select the date.

  4. Click Apply to save the settings, then click OK.

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