Primary Workstation

The Primary Workstation panel lets you determine how and when a user’s primary workstation is calculated. You can also disable the calculation by selecting the None (do not calculate) option.

You can define the primary workstation settings at the Management Zone level only. The primary workstation settings are inherited by all user folders and users.

To set the calculation method for primary workstations:

  1. Select one of the following calculation methods:

    Usage: The workstation that the user has been logged in to the greatest amount of time.

    Number of Logins: The workstation that the user has logged in to the most times.

  2. If you want to have the calculation redone periodically, select one of the following reset options:

    Reset After X Days: Recalculates the primary workstation based on the interval you set. For example, if you select 30 days, the primary workstation is recalculated every 30 days. The default, 0 days, causes no recalculation to ever occur.

    Reset On Date: Recalculates the primary workstation on the specified date. Click Calender icon to display a calendar that you can use to select the date.

  3. (Optional) Click the None (Do not calculate, this affects both Primary Workstation and Primary User) setting to turn off the calculation.

    After selecting this option, a user’s primary workstation is displayed in ZENworks Control Center based on the information in the system and will not change because no data is updated.

  4. Click Apply to save the settings.

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