Collection Data Form

Use this form to collect demographic data for a device or devices, such as a user’s name or telephone, which department the user belongs to, and so on.

You can define the Collection Data Form at three levels:

  • Management Zone: The settings are inherited by all device folders and devices.

  • Device Folder: The settings are inherited by all devices contained within the folder or its subfolders. Overrides the Management Zone settings.

  • Device: The settings apply only to the device for which they are configured. Overrides the settings at the Management Zone and folder levels.

NOTE:If you are configuring the Collection Data Form settings on a device folder or a device, you need to click Override Settings before you can change the system settings.

After it is configured and run, the Collection Data Form appears on the screen of a managed device and prompts the workstation user to respond to a list of predefined questions. The Collection Data Form is not configured by default. It must be configured before it can run.

To configure the Collection Data Form:

  1. Specify any explanatory text for the workstation user in the Introductory Text field.

  2. (Optional) If you want the Collection Data Form to be available to the workstation user at all times, select Show in ZENworks Icon Menu.

    This allows the workstation user to open the form by using the ZENworks Icon, and edit it as desired.

  3. (Optional) Select Show Cancel button on form if you want to allow the workstation user to opt out of the process.

  4. (Optional) Select Invisible mode for autofill only to populate the form with the autofill data. The form is hidden from the workstation user.

  5. Select the data you want to gather and configure how the workstation user can respond.

    Label: Displays the name of the data you’re collecting, such as First Name.

    Type: Specifies the data type: character, integer, decimal, or date.

    Display: Displays the specified field on the Collection Data Form that is sent to the workstation user.

    Editable: Enables the user to enter or edit a response in the specified field rather than being forced to accept the default value.

    Required: Makes the response required. If a field is required, workstation users cannot submit the form until they enter the required data.

    Autofill: Shows whether Autofill is on or off. Click No to open the Autofill dialog box, where you can specify a registry key or environment variable to populate the Collection Data Form field with the data that the registry key or variable points to, such as HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\ComputerName

    Default: Specify any value you want to use as a default value.

    Choice List: If there is more than one possible response, click Edit and specify the available responses. You can also choose to allow the workstation user to create entries by selecting Allow user created entries.

    Edit Mask: Allows you to restrict how a user enters a response by selecting a format from the list in the Edit Mask field. The choices are phone, time, and currency.

    Instructions: Add any instructions for the workstation user.

  6. Click Apply or OK, or click Reset to revert to previous settings.

NOTE:You can also create custom fields, called administrator-defined fields, to gather additional data. For more information, see Administrator-Defined Fields.

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