Inventory Only

The Inventory Only page allows you to configure inventory scan settings for devices in the zone that don’t have the ZENworks Agent installed but do have the Inventory Module installed. This type of scan is useful for devices running Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, NetWare, and Mac OS X. The settings for the Inventory Only scan include the following. Not all settings are available for all operating systems.

  • Server Refresh Interval: Determines how often the server evaluates the next scan schedule.

  • Device Refresh Interval: Determines when the device checks the server for a change in settings.

  • Scan: Allows you to configure how you want to run an Inventory Only scan.

  • Software Applications: Settings that determine the paths to exclude when scanning for software applications.

  • Software Files: Settings that determine the files and paths to include or exclude when scanning for software files.

  • Advanced: Settings for advanced diagnostics.

  • Collection Servers: Determines the order of the collection servers.

Click Apply or OK to save your settings. Click Reset to return to the default values.

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