1.0 ZENworks Subscribing and Sharing Workflow Tasklist

To enable sharing of content (bundles and policies) between two Management Zones, complete the following workflow in the order of the listed tasks:



Review concepts important to the successful sharing of content between zones.

For information, see Section 2.0, Overview.

In the Sharing zone, configure Primary Servers as Sharing Servers.

You need to configure at least one Primary Server in the Sharing zone as a Sharing Server to share content.

For instructions, see Section 3.1, Configuring a Zone to Share Content

In the Sharing zone, create a subscriber group and assign a subscriber key and content to the group.

For instructions, see Section 3.2, Sharing Content with Subscribers.

Register the zone with the Sharing zone.

The Subscriber zone must register with the Sharing zone in order to receive content.

For instructions, see Section 3.3, Registering to a Zone.

In the Subscriber zone, replicate the desired content from the Sharing zone.

For instructions, see Section 3.4, Replicating the Assignable Content Objects.

In the Subscriber zone, resolve any replication issues caused by undefined references or system variables.

For instructions, see Section 3.5, Addressing Replication Issues.

Different options can be used to replicate objects.

For instructions see Section 3.6, Using different options for replicating objects.

You may encounter other scenarios while replicating objects.

For these additional scenarios, see Section 3.7, Additional Scenarios