7.0 Deleting a ZENworks Primary Server

If you cannot run the uninstallation program to uninstall a ZENworks Primary Server, you can delete it from the Server Hierarchy panel.

WARNING:Use extreme caution when deleting a ZENworks Primary Server from your ZENworks system.

Deleting a ZENworks Primary Server is irreversible. The preferred way to decommission a Primary Server is to run the uninstallation program from the Server. Deleting a Primary Server should only be used if the uninstallation program cannot be run (for example, if the Primary Server experiences a hard drive failure). For more information about running the uninstallation program, see the ZENworks Uninstall Guide.

If you remove a Primary Server that hosts an internal ZENworks Sybase database, your entire ZENworks Management Zone becomes inoperable.

If you remove a Primary Server on which the Patch Management subscription service is configured to run, you must reset the Patch Management settings before deleting the server. For more information on how to reset the Patch Management settings, see Viewing and Configuring the Subscription Service in the ZENworks 2017 Patch Management Reference.

Deleting a ZENworks Server completely removes the ZENworks Server from the Management Zone. There is no recovery.

You can delete managed server and workstation devices by using the options on the Devices tab, as explained in Deleting Devices from Your ZENworks System in the ZENworks Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement Reference.

To remove a ZENworks Primary Server from your Management Zone:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Server Hierarchy section, select the check box next to the Primary Server (you can select multiple devices).

  3. Click Action > Delete ZENworks Server.