1.3 Understanding the Upgrade Order

Ensure that you perform the ZENworks 2017 upgrade tasks in the following order:

  1. Upgrade the Operating System: If the operating system installed on the device is not supported by ZENworks, upgrade the operating system to the latest supported version.

    For more information on the supported operating systems, see ZENworks 2017 Update1 System Requirements.

    IMPORTANT:Before you perform the upgrade, ensure that you back up the data and the certificate information.

  2. Upgrade ZENworks: Upgrade ZENworks to the latest version.

    • The ZENworks 2017 upgrade installer can upgrade only the server on which you run it.

    • If you are using an Embedded Sybase database, first upgrade the device that hosts the database, then upgrade the other Primary Servers.

      NOTE:After you upgrade the first Primary Server to ZENworks 2017, all other servers must be upgraded to ZENworks 2017.

    • When you perform the upgrade for the first time in the Management Zone, only one Primary Server can be upgraded at a time. The subsequent upgrade of additional Primary Servers can be done in parallel, or in any order.

      While upgrading the first Primary Server, you must stop the ZENworks services on all other Primary Servers. During the upgrade of additional Primary Servers, you must stop the services on those servers that have not been upgraded. If you do not stop the services, the database might be affected.

      NOTE:The Schema and License information will be updated only during the first Primary Server upgrade, not during the subsequent server upgrades.

    • You must upgrade the Primary Servers first; then upgrade the Satellite Servers and agents in the zone.

      IMPORTANT:When upgrading additional Primary Servers in the zone, ensure that the Novell ZENworks Server services are running on the upgraded first Primary Server. If the zone uses Embedded Sybase, the Embedded Sybase services must be running on the upgraded first Primary Server.