1.0 ZENworks Reporting

The ZENworks Reporting solution integrates with different Novell ZENworks products to provide reporting functionality for those products. ZENworks Reporting includes the following features:

  • Enables you to generate reports for different Novell ZENworks products.

  • Provides an intuitive user interface, which can be leveraged to perform data analysis, by using Ad-Hoc Views. It also has enhanced capabilities to drill-down into data.

  • Ships with pre-defined reports that are based on the most common use cases. You can use these reports as a starting point for your work.

  • Provides scheduling capabilities to generate reports that can be delivered to your mailbox.

  • Enables you to export report data in multiple file formats.

  • Provides built-in charts that help you achieve new insights into your data.

  • Supports LDAP-based authentication, thus facilitating easy access to non-ZENworks users or administrators within the organization.

This chapter includes the following sections: