30.5 Replicating Content to Primary Servers

You can replicate a bundle’s or policy’s content to a Primary Server immediately without waiting for the scheduled content replication.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Devices tab on the left, select one of the Primary Servers and click Content.

  2. In the Replication settings panel under the Content tab, select the content (bundle or policy) you want to replicate immediately to the selected Primary Server.

  3. Click Actions > Replicate Now.

    The selected bundle or policy content will be included on a content server and the Included column displays a check mark

  4. If you click Advanced, the Status column displays the content as Available, based on the content size. Once marked as available, the content will be available in the repository of the selected Primary Server.

NOTE:The Replicate Now option is applicable only for the Primary Servers and not for the Satellite Servers.