A.6 Quick Tasks

Quick task to unlock device does not reset existing password on Android N devices

Explanation: If the Unlock Device quick task is performed on an Android N device that already has a password set, the password does not reset with the new password configured in the quick task. However, if a password is not set on the device, then the Unlock Device quick task will set the new password on the device.
Action: None.

If the time on the ZENworks Server lags behind the actual enrollment time of a mobile device, then any quick task that is sent to this device within this time period is not processed and its status will remain as Initiated

Explanation: When a mobile device is enrolled to the zone and the ZENworks Server time lags behind the enrollment time of this device, then any quick task that is sent during this time period, is not processed and the status of the quick task remains as Initiated.
Action: You need to wait until the ZENworks Server time is equal to or exceeds the device enrollment time, before sending a push notification, such as quick tasks, to the device.