A.11 ZENworks Agent App

When the ZENworks Agent app contacts the server to obtain the new certificate after the CA remint activation date, the status of the system update is momentarily displayed as failed

Source: ZENworks Mobile Management
Explanation: The ZENworks app installed on an Android device, which was offline during the period from CA remint initiation to activation, contacts the server only after the certificate activation date, then a message is displayed requesting the user to accept the new certificate. After the user accepts the request, the Update Assigned status for this device is momentarily displayed as Failed and changes to Successful after the next refresh.
Action: None

The ZENworks Agent App shortcut crashes when the app is updated

Explanation: When the latest ZENworks update is applied on the ZENworks Agent app, then on clicking the app shortcut in the home screen, it crashes with the error App not installed. However, the updated app is installed correctly.
Action: Remove and add the app shortcut again. You can also open the app from the launcher.

On opening the ZENworks Agent App, an error Device is no longer enrolled with server. Please reinstall the app and enroll the device again is displayed.

Explanation: On opening the ZENworks Agent app on a device that is enrolled to ZENworks, the following error is displayed Device is no longer enrolled with server. please reinstall the app and enroll the device again.
Action: You need to perform the following:
  1. Check whether the device object is present in ZCC or not.

  2. If the device object is not present in ZCC, then uninstall and re-install the ZENworks Agent app. Re-enroll the device to ZENworks.

  3. If the problem persists, disable Device Administrator for the app, clear the app data and open the ZENworks Agent app again. To clear the app data, perform the following steps:

    NOTE:A Moto E4 Plus device with Android version 7.1.1 was considered to provide the following navigation path, which may vary based on the Android version or the device manufacturer.

    1. Navigate to Settings > Security > Device Administrator. Deselect ZENworks checkbox and follow the prompts to complete deactivating Device Administrator.

    2. Navigate back to the Settings menu, click Apps > ZENworks > Storage > Clear Data. Follow the prompts to complete clearing the app data.

    3. Open the ZENworks Agent app.