2.2 Enrolling using ZENworks User Portal

2.2.1 Prerequisites

Before enrolling your device as a fully managed device or an email only device, you need to ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • ZENworks supports devices running on iOS version 8 and newer.

  • Enrollment of iOS devices using the Safari browser running in the private mode is supported only on iOS versions 11 or newer.

2.2.2 Procedure: Enrolling an iOS Device

This scenario shows you how to enroll an iOS device as a fully managed device in your ZENworks Management Zone.

  1. In the Safari browser on the iOS device, enter ZENworks_server_address/zenworks-eup, where ZENworks_server_address is the DNS name or IP address of the ZENworks MDM Server.

    The login screen for the ZENworks User Portal is displayed.

  2. Enter your username, password, and the registration domain (if required). You can obtain this information from the invite letter or you can contact your system administrator. Tap Sign In.

    All devices associated with the user are displayed in the ZENworks User Portal.

  3. Tap Enroll in the upper-right corner to display the enrollment options for the device. These options are displayed only if it is enabled by the system administrator.

  4. Tap Managed Device Only to display the Enroll Device Options screen. If the administrator has enabled the setting that allows you to select the device ownership type, that is Personal or Corporate, then the following screen is displayed. Tap the appropriate ownership and proceed further.

  5. Tap Download Certificate to display the Install Profile screen.

  6. Tap Install and follow the prompts to install the certificate and return to the Enroll as Managed Device screen.

    The ZENworks Trust Profile contains the certificate required for secure communication between the device and the ZENworks Primary Server.

  7. (Conditional) Enable the enrollment certificate on the device. This step will appear on devices running on iOS versions 10.3 or newer. To enable the certificate:

    1. Navigate to the Settings menu on the device and click General.

    2. Click About.

    3. Click Certificate Trust Settings.

    4. Enable the root certificate displayed on the screen.

  8. Tap Download Profile in the Enroll as Managed Device screen, to display the profile install screen. Tap Install and follow the prompts to install the profile and return to the Enroll as Managed Device screen.

    The ZENworks Device Enrollment Profile contains the MDM profile required for ZENworks to manage the device.

  9. Tap Home to return to the Home page. The device is displayed in the My Devices list with the status as Enrollment in Progress. You need to refresh the browser to update the status to Device is Active.

    NOTE:If the device remains in Enrollment in Progress state for a considerable amount of time, then in the ZENworks User Portal, tap the refresh icon appearing against the device or refresh the browser.

  10. An email account is automatically setup on the device.

    NOTE:If an Exchange ActiveSync account was manually configured on the iOS device before it was enrolled, then it should be deleted as an email account will be automatically configured on the iOS device.