Device Dynamic Rename

The Device Dynamic Rename panel lets you enable devices to be renamed, if necessary, whenever they refresh their registration information. A device might need to be renamed for the following reasons:

  • The naming template being applied to the device has changed.

  • A different naming template (for example, a folder naming template rather than the Management Zone naming template) is now being applied to the device.

Because a device’s GUID and not its name is used for all relationships with other ZENworks objects, renaming the device does not affect anything other than the name that is displayed in ZENworks Control Center.

You can define this setting at two levels:

  • Management Zone: The setting is inherited by all devices.

  • Device Folder: The setting is inherited by all devices contained within the folder or its subfolders. Overrides the Management Zone setting.

NOTE:If you are configuring the setting on a device folder, you need to click Override settings before you can modify the setting.

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