7.1 Deployment Methods

There are several deployment methods you can use:

  • Deployment task: The ZENworks Server can deliver the ZENworks Agent to devices and initiate the installation of the agent. This requires that you create a task, called a deployment task, for the ZENworks Server. The task identifies the target devices, the credentials required to perform an installation on the devices, the registration key to use (optional), and other tasks you want performed on the devices either before or after the installation. You can have a ZENworks Server immediately perform the task, or you can schedule the task for a specific date and time.

  • Manual deployment: You can manually download the ZENworks Agent deployment package from a ZENworks Server to a device and initiate the installation.

  • Automated deployment: You can automate deployment by using any method that can launch the ZENworks Agent deployment package. For example, you can use a login script, or, if you have a previous version of ZENworks, you can distribute the ZENworks Agent deployment package as an Application object through Novell Application Launcher.

Installation instructions are provided in Section 10.0, Deploying the ZENworks Agent.