12.4 Installing IOA on Macintosh OS X

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the ZENworks_Inventory_Only_Agent_OSX.dmg disk image to the target Macintosh device.

    For more information on how to download the ZENworks_Inventory_Only_Agent_OSX.dmg disk image, see Downloading the Module from a ZENworks Server.

  2. Double-click the ZENworks_Inventory_Only_Agent_OSX.dmg file.

  3. Double-click the ZENworks_Adaptive_Agent_OSX file, so that it gets mounted.

  4. Browse to the mounted drive and locate the extracted folder.

    For example: /Volumes/ZENworks_Inventory_Only_Agent_OSX

  5. Run the install.sh script.

  6. After the installation is complete, log out and log in to the terminal.

  7. Run the following command to register to a particular ZCM server or zone:

    zac ioa cfg <server_ip:port>

    If you are using the default port, then specify only the IP address.

    For example:

    • IPv4: zac ioa cfg <server_ip:port_number>

    • IPv6: zac ioa cfg <[server_ip]:port_number>

    In the above command, replace the <server_ip> with the actual IP address.

  8. The Inventory-Only module is added to the Inventoried Devices page in ZENworks Control Center (Devices tab > Inventoried tab > Workstations folder).