1.1 Administrators

During installation, a default ZENworks administrator account (named Administrator) is created. This account, which is a Super Administrator account, provides full administrative rights to the Management Zone and cannot be deleted.

Typically, you should create ZENworks administrator accounts for each person who will perform administrative tasks in your Management Zone. This allows you to give each administrator only the rights required to carry out his or her ZENworks management responsibilities. It also allows you to audit the changes each administrator makes in the zone.

There are two types of ZENworks administrator accounts:

  • ZENworks Super Administrator: A Super Administrator account provides full administrative rights to the ZENworks Management Zone. The default Administrator account is a Super Administrator account. In addition to the default Administrator account, you should ensure that you have at least one other Super Administrator account. This provides redundancy in case the password for the Administrator account is forgotten or lost.

  • ZENworks Administrator: A standard ZENworks administrator account can provide full administrative rights (like a Super Administrator account), but typically is used to limit an administrator’s rights to only those administrative tasks he or she needs to perform.

    For example, you might create an administrator account that limits the administrator to discovering and registering devices in the Management Zone; an account that only allows the administrator to assign bundles to devices; or, an account that only allows the administrator to perform asset management tasks such as contract, license, and document management.

For information about creating administrator accounts, see Section 3.0, Managing Administrator Accounts.