9.0 Subscribing to Apple VPP

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows organizations to purchase apps in volume to distribute to their managed devices. After registering with the Apple VPP and on purchasing apps, ZENworks enables distribution of these purchased apps to the devices or to the users who have enrolled their devices. Using ZENworks, administrators can easily distribute, reclaim, and reassign iOS apps using the existing Bundles workflow. Your organization might possess multiple VPP accounts. ZENworks can distribute licenses from multiple such VPP accounts.

ZENworks lets you purchase and distribute VPP apps using the Apple Deployment Programs account and Apple Business Manager. In Apple Deployment Programs all licenses are linked to the email ID of the VPP purchaser and it uses an account-based token (hereafter referred to as legacy token within this document). Whereas, in Apple Business Manager all licenses are linked to a location and it uses a location-based token. ZENworks lets you associate a location-based token to an existing subscription and ensures that all existing bundle assignments work seamlessly with Apple Business Manager.

If you have already enrolled in the Apple Deployment Programs account and want to upgrade to Apple Business Manager, then before migrating, it is recommended that you review the best practices for migration by referring to both the Apple Support documentation (for general information on the migration process) and the Migrating to Apple Business Manager section (for information on migrating to a location-based token in ZENworks) within this guide. This will ensure that Apple Business Manager works seamlessly with ZENworks and the existing bundle assignments are not affected.

IMPORTANT:If you are purchasing VPP apps using Apple School Manager, ensure that the Content Manager role is assigned to your Apple School Manager account. For more information, see the Apple School Manager Help.