15.2 Viewing Device Information

After a device is enrolled to the ZENworks Management Zone, you can view the details of your enrolled device. To view this page:

  1. Navigate to the Devices section in ZCC.

  2. Click Mobile Devices.

  3. Click the relevant device.

The Device Information page displays the following details:

  • General Information, Network, Operating System, and Cellular: Provides general information about the device, its hardware, operating system, network configuration, and cellular network information.

  • Last Connections: Shows when the device was last connected with the ZENworks system. If ZENworks also manages the device’s ActiveSync connection, the date and time of the last ActiveSync connection is also displayed.

  • ZENworks Mobile App: Displays the version of the ZENworks Agent App that is installed on the device. This is applicable for Android devices only.

  • ActiveSync: Displays the ActiveSync Server version, the ActiveSync ID, and the User Agent that identifies the email client on the device.

  • Administration: Displays information about the administrative owner and indicates if the device is a test device. If the device is not a test device, you can click Set to set the device as a test device. If the device is a test device, you can click Reset to reset the device to a non-test device. This section also provides additional information on whether the device is a DEP device, the department to which the device belongs, the site, the MDM Server to which the device is enrolled, and the location of the device.Click Edit to change the information in any of the fields.

    NOTE:ZENworks will identify a device as a DEP device, only if this device is assigned to the relevant virtual MDM Server in the Apple portal. If a DEP enabled device is enrolled to ZENworks (using ZENworks User Portal) but is not assigned to the virtual MDM Server in the Apple portal, this device will not be identified as a DEP device.

  • Device is Roaming: Indicates if the device is connecting through a network other than its home carrier network, as indicated by the Home carrier network field in the Network section. The “roaming” network is identified in the Current carrier network field, which is also displayed in the Network section.

  • Data Roaming Enabled: Indicates if the device is allowed to use data while roaming.

  • Device is Rooted (Android Only): Indicates if the device is configured for root access. This is applicable for Android devices only.

  • Work Profile Mode (Android Only) Indicates if the Android device is enrolled in the work profile mode.

  • Device Capacity: Provides information about the device’s battery, internal storage, external storage, and RAM.

  • Supervised (iOS only) Indicates that the device is in a supervised mode allowing extra restrictions to be imposed.

  • Find My iPhone Enabled (iOS only) Indicates that the device allows certain apps to determine the users’ approximate location. When enabled, this feature helps users in locating their devices and protecting them, if the devices are lost or stolen.

  • Activation Lock Enabled (iOS only) Indicates that unauthorized access to a user’s device is restricted.

  • Do Not Disturb enabled (iOS only) Indicates that notifications, alerts, and calls on a user’s device are silenced while it is locked.

  • iCloud Backup enabled (iOS only) Indicates that the device information is backed up on a daily basis to iCloud.

  • iTunes Account Active (iOS only) Indicates that the iTunes account associated with the device is active.

  • Device is Jailbroken (iOS only) Indicates that the software restrictions imposed by Apple are removed.