A.4 Push Notifications

APNs certificate import fails

Explanation: While configuring the Apple Push Notification service in ZENworks, APNs certificate import fails.
Action: Check the ZCC.log or the service-messages.log of the MDM Servers. If the failure is due some issue with the APNs Keystore, try restarting the server and then import the certificate. If CertificateNotYetValidException is displayed as the reason for failure, then this indicates that the MDM Server time is ahead of the certificate creation time. You need to wait for a while and then try importing the certificate.

Push notifications to enrolled devices will not work as expected, if the APNs certificate has expired and a new certificate is imported

Explanation: When the existing APNs certificate has expired and you create a new certificate in the Apple Push Certificates portal and import it to ZENworks, then the push notifications to mobile devices, which were enrolled using the earlier certificate, will not work as expected.
Action: Re-enroll the devices. As a best practice, if the APNs certificate has expired, it is recommended that you Renew the certificate in the Apple Push Certificates portal instead of creating a new certificate. For details, see Renewing an Expired APNs Certificate.

While migrating from Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), an error is displayed if the Project Number does not match with that of the existing GCM project

Explanation: While migrating from GCM to FCM, the following error message is displayed on uploading the .JSON file: “The Project Number included in this .JSON file does not match with the Project Number specified in the existing GCM project. Ensure that the .JSON file includes the correct Project Number”.
Action: While migrating the GCM project to FCM, use the same login credentials that was used to create the GCM project.

If you are unable to obtain these credentials, then execute the zman sgd command to remove the existing GCM values from the ZENworks database. Restart the ZENworks services and then proceed to upload the .JSON file to configure the new FCM project.