A.8 Apple Volume Purchase Program

For an Apple School Manager Account, bundle creation for associated apps that are linked to a specific location might fail in ZCC.

Explanation: When VPP purchases, made in Apple School Manager, are linked to a location and a non-location specific server token is uploaded in ZCC, then bundle creation for these apps fails.
Action: To support location based assets, VPP in Apple School Manager uses location tokens. Therefore, the server token that you upload in ZCC should be linked to the same location as that of the purchased apps. To download the server token for a specific location, in the Apple School Manager portal, navigate to Settings > Apps and books > My Server Tokens and click download against the location of the token that you want to download. For more information on Apple School Manager, see the Apple Documentation.For more information on how to upload a server token in ZCC, see Linking ZENworks to the Apple VPP Account.

Purchased license count is not updated, if sync to retrieve latest VPP apps is initiated immediately after purchasing an app

Explanation: If a sync between the ZENworks Server and the Apple Server is initiated immediately after purchasing an app using the Apple VPP account credentials, then the purchased license count might not be updated with these latest app purchases. Subsequently, bundle assignments might fail.
Action: Ensure that you verify the purchased license count for that specific app in the Apps Catalog page, before assigning that app to a device or a user. Wait for the next sync or re-initiate the sync to update the purchased license count.

While uploading or renewing a VPP token, an appropriate error message is displayed and the subscription renders as unusable.

Explanation: If the existing token or the renewed token is managed by another MDM solution, then an appropriate message is displayed and the subscription renders as unusable.
Action: Delete this subscription and create a new subscription. To continue using the same token, you need to claim management of the token.