A.11 Android Enterprise

Work-managed device enrollment fails

Explanation: Work-managed device enrollment fails.
Possible Cause: Some of the reasons for failure are:
  • The Google Play Store on the device is not the latest version and requires an update.

  • The Android Enterprise subscription in ZCC is not associated with the user whose device has failed to enroll.

  • The Android Enterprise policy is not assigned to the user whose device has failed to enroll.

Unable to access GroupWise emails on enrolled devices using the Gmail app that was remotely configured in ZENworks

Explanation: The GroupWise email account configured in the Gmail app might not be accessible, if the app was remotely configured using the Managed Configuration feature in ZENworks.
Action: Ensure that you specify the email address of the user (or the ${Email} variable) in the username field while remotely configuring the Gmail app in ZENworks. This is a GroupWise limitation.

Unable to associate user context with the Android Enterprise Subscription

Explanation: When you are creating an Android Enterprise Subscription an error occurs while associating a user context.

This might be because of any of the following reasons:

Scenario 1: The selected user context might already be associated with a subscription that is already unenrolled. The data associated with unenrolled subscription will be deleted only after 30 days.

Action: After unenrolling the Android Enterprise Subscription, delete the subscription data. To delete the subscription data run the zman sca command.

Scenario 2: Both Parent and child user are associated to the same Android Enterprise Subscription.

Action: Both parent and child user context cannot be associated with the same subscription. Depending on your requirement, you can remove either child or parent user context.

An error Work profile can’t be created because you’ve reached the maximum number of users on your device. Remove at least one user and try again is displayed on certain devices while trying to setup the work profile again.

Explanation: When the work profile setup on a device is initially interrupted and ZENworks tries to setup the work profile again after a device reboot, then the error Work profile can’t be created because you’ve reached the maximum number of users on your device. Remove at least one user and try again might be displayed.
Action: Remove the work profile that might have been setup initially by navigating to Settings > Accounts > Remove work profile, reboot the device and retry work profile setup. If the problem persists, remove any additional users from the device and retry work profile setup.

When a device becomes compliant and restrictions are removed, app shortcuts on the home screen might not be restored

Explanation: When an Android device becomes non-compliant, work apps are restricted and app shortcuts in the home screen are hidden. However, when the device becomes compliant, the work apps are enabled but the shortcuts in home screen are not restored.
Action: None

Work profile enrollment fails on certain Android 5.0 devices

Explanation: An Android 5.0 or 5.0.x device fails to enroll in the work profile mode, even if an Android Enrollment Policy is assigned.
Action: None. The device might not be Android enterprise capable.

Certain work apps crash when the user logs in to those specific apps

Explanation: When a user tries to log in to an app within the work profile, the app crashes or does not respond. This might happen if the app requires the user to add another account, which is by default disabled by ZENworks.
Action: Navigate to the Mobile Device Control Policy assigned to the user, select Android and enable the Allow Adding of Account Setting. This setting will enable users to add accounts within the work profile. However, this setting should be used with caution, as by enabling it users can also add their personal Google accounts and download personal apps within the work profile, which might make it difficult to contain corporate data within the profile workspace.

As a best practice, it is recommended that you pre-configure the app and deploy it using the Managed Configurations feature in ZENworks.