ZENworks 2017 Update 4 System Backup

January 2019

You should back up your ZENworks system data in case the system ever experiences data loss due to hardware failure or other causes. Refer to the following table for information about the ZENworks data to back up and how often back it up.



ZENworks Primary Servers

What: Backs up the ZENworks Primary Server configuration files.

Why: The configuration files contain the ZENworks Primary Server’s identity and configuration. You can use the backup configuration files to restore the ZENworks Primary Server.

Scope: All ZENworks Primary Servers.

Frequency: After new install, system updates, and upgrades.

ZENworks Certificate Authority

What: Backs up the ZENworks internal certificate authority. No backup is required if you are using an external certificate authority.

Why: If you lose the ZENworks Primary Server designated as the certificate serve, all certificates issued for the devices become invalid. You can use the backup files to restore the internal certificate authority.

Scope: Only the ZENworks Primary Server designated as the certificate server.

Frequency: After new install AND anytime you remint the certificate authority.

ZENworks Databases

What: Backs up the ZENworks database and the ZENworks Audit database.

Why: The ZENworks database contains all system data (for example, device, bundle, and policy information) and the ZENworks Audit database contains all audited event data. If the database server hardware fails, the database becomes corrupted, or you need to upgrade to new server hardware, you can use the backup to restore the database.

Scope: Both the ZENworks database and the ZENworks Audit database. Each database needs to be backed up separately.

Frequency: Daily full backups (database and transaction logs) is recommended because restoring from a full backup is much easier than restoring from incremental backups. However, the frequency depends on such factors as your available storage space and tolerance for lost data.

Sybase ASA Backup: See the following:

Microsoft SQL Restore: Refer to your Microsoft SQL documentation for restore procedures.

Oracle Restore: Refer to your Oracle documentation for restore procedures.

PostgreSQL Restore: Refer to your PostgreSQL documentation for restore procedures.

ZENworks Content Repository

What: Backs up the content repository.

Why: The content repository stores all bundle, policy, patch management, images, and system update content.

Scope: Each ZENworks Primary Server and Satellite Server contains a content repository. If all content is replicated among all servers, you only need to back up one server’s content repository. If you have content repositories that contain different content, you should back up each repository.

Frequency: The content repository should be backed up each time you back up the ZENworks database. This keeps the content, which is referenced in the database, in sync with the database.

Backup: You can use any tool to back up the content repository. On a Windows server, the default content repository is installation_path\zenworks\work\content-repo. On a Linux server, the default content repository is /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/.

Restore: Stop the ZENworks Primary Server or Satellite Server services and then copy the backed up content files to the content repository. Restart the services.

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