3.3 Viewing the Closest Server Details

When you have multiple ZENworks Servers (Primary Servers and Satellites) in your Management Zone, the Closest Server rules determine which ZENworks Server a managed device contacts for each role (Collection, Content, Configuration, Authentication, and Join Proxy) defined by the administrator. You can view a list of the Closest Servers for the server roles configured by the administrator in ZENworks Control Center based on the location of the device, its network environment, or both.

  1. Right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area, and select Technician Application.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Servers.

    The Closest Servers for Roles panel displays the Closest Server list based on the roles defined by the administrator.




    Collects Inventory and message log information from each device to be listed in ZENworks Control Center and outputs the information to reports. Both ZENworks Primary Servers and Satellites can act as collection servers.


    Provides configuration settings and registration information to devices. Only ZENworks Primary Servers can act as configuration servers.


    Provides content to managed devices. Both ZENworks Primary Servers and Satellites can act as content servers.


    Authenticates managed devices to the Management Zone. Both ZENworks Primary Servers and Satellites can act as authentication servers.

    NOTE:The Authentication role is applicable only for the Windows managed devices.


    Helps in performing remote management operations on Windows managed devices that are in private network. Displays an URL with host name or IP port details.

NOTE:Linux or Mac devices cannot connect to Join Proxy. However you might find Join Proxy listed as the Closest Server in Z-icon Properties page of Linux or Mac devices when they are moved to a location that has Join Proxy.