16.1 Registering External Services

  1. Select the type of service that you want to register. The available service types are YUM, ZYpp, and Mount.

  2. Specify a local name for the service.

  3. Specify the URL of the repository from where you want to download the packages.

  4. If you want to synchronize the services with the External Package Management tools, select the Synchronize with External Package Management Tools check box.

    NOTE:The ZYpp or Mount service do not synchronize with the YUM Package Management Tool on Red Hat devices.

  5. (Optional) Specify the properties for the selected external service in the Add Property group. You can add multiple properties for a service.

    1. Click the Specify Properties link.

    2. Specify the property name and property value. The added properties are displayed in the Properties panel.

      The following table describes the supported properties:

      Property Name



      Name of the user.


      Password of the user.


      This property is applicable only for Mount service type. Valid values are true or false. If true, adds the RPMs recursively from all the directories specified under the absolute path.

      For example, to add authentication details such as username abc and password xyz for the selected repository, do the following:

      1. Specify the property name as username and the property value as abc, then click Add Property.

      2. Specify the property name as password and the property value as xyz, then click Add Property.

    3. To delete a property, click Remove Property.

  6. Click Register to register the external service.

    The registered external service is displayed in the External Services panel.