13.3 Imaging

You can view a device’s imaging role properties, including its current status, PXE service status, image files, and imaging statistics; however, you cannot edit the fields on this page.

ZENworks Configuration Management lets your ZENworks administrator enable the Imaging role on a device. With this role, the device can be used as an Imaging server to perform all Imaging operations, such as taking an image and applying the image within or across subnets by using unicast or multicast imaging. Your administrator controls whether or not your device has the Imaging role.

To view imaging role information:

  1. Right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area.

  2. Click Technician Application.

  3. In the left navigation pane, under Satellite, click Imaging.



    Current Status

    Displays whether your device is currently configured to perform Imaging operations. The current status is Active when the device is promoted to a satellite with the Imaging role.

    PXE Service Status

    Displays whether the Proxy DHCP service is enabled on the device.

    View Image Files

    Displays the image files stored in the %ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\content-repo\images directory.

    Imaging Statistics

    Displays the following information:

    • PXE Requests: The number of imaging requests of any kind that have been received by the Imaging Server since it was last started. This includes requests that failed, were denied, or were referred to other Imaging Servers. Information about each of these requests, such as the source, type, date/time, and results, is logged on the Imaging Server.

    • Images Sent: The number of images that the Imaging Server has sent to imaging clients since the Imaging Server was last started. This includes only images that were retrieved from this Imaging Server.

    • Images Received: The number of new images that have been received and stored on the Imaging Server since it was last started. This includes images that were received through client referrals.