3.1 Viewing the Agent’s Status

  1. Right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area, and select Technician Application.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Agent.

    Status Field


    Device Address

    The IP address of your device.

    Device Name

    The computer name for your device.

    Network Environment

    A network environment consists of services (gateways, DNS servers, DHCP servers, and so forth) that identify the environment.

    Configuration Location

    The device’s location as determined by its current network environment. The configuration location determines which ZENworks server (or servers) the device connects to for authentication, configuration, content, and collection and Join Proxy service purposes.

    Device State

    The device’s state: managed, unmanaged, retired, or unknown. Unknown displays only if there is an error.

    Last Contact with Server

    The last time the ZENworks Agent had contact with the ZENworks Server listed in the Server DNS field.

    Next Contact with Server

    The next time the ZENworks Agent is scheduled to contact (or be contacted by) the ZENworks Server.

    HTTP Proxy

    A proxy server lets a device connect indirectly to a ZENworks Server through the proxy server.

    Join Proxy

    Displays the host name or IP port number of the Join Proxy server to which the managed device is connected. If the managed device is not connected to Join Proxy server, the Not Connected status is displayed. If there is no Join Proxy server configured, the Not Applicable status is displayed.

    Primary User

    The most frequent user of the device. Frequency is determined by number of logins, amount of time logged in, or designated user; your administrator determines the method used to calculate the primary user.

    ZENworks Agent Version

    The version of the ZENworks Agent.

    ZENworks Updater Service Version

    The current highest version installed on your device.

    ZENworks Updater Service Last Contact with Server

    The last successful communication between ZENworks Updater Service and the Primary Server.

    JRE Version

    The version of the Java runtime environment used by the device. This option is displayed only for Linux managed devices.

    Operating System Distribution

    The type of operating system installed on the device. This option is displayed only for Linux managed devices.

    Management Zone

    The name of the ZENworks Management Zone in which your device is located.

    Server DNS

    The DNS name of the ZENworks Server that your device’s ZENworks Agent communicates with to send and receive ZENworks content and information.

    Server Address

    The IP address of the ZENworks Server listed in the Server DNS field.

    Registration Keys

    The alphanumeric strings supplied during registration of the device in the Management Zone. Registration keys, which are defined by your administrator, help determine bundle and policy assignments.

    Agent Security Settings

    The Override Policy link displays the ZENworks Endpoint Security Agent About Box. You can use the About Box to override the current security policies. To do so, you must know the override password.

    If the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Agent is not installed, the link displays the ZENworks Location Decider dialog box. You can use the Settings option to disable client self defense and the Agent Status option to view how the current Configuration location was determined. To do so, you must know the override password.

    Agent Status

    The status and versions of the Agent modules.