4.3 Viewing a Generated Change Event

When an enabled change event has occurred, an audit event is generated. Hence, for the Bundle Assignment Management event used in this workflow, an audit event is generated when a bundle is assigned to a device. For information about how to assign a bundle to a device, see Managing Bundle Assignments in the ZENworks Software Distribution Reference.

After an audit event is generated, you can access the details of the event from the following locations:

  • Dashboard: You can view the audit data through the ZENworks Control Center Dashboard. The Dashboard has the following tabs:

    • Dashboard: From this tab you can see a summary of the audit events that have occurred in the zone. You can see key indicators about top events and impacted objects, and you can drill into the event log view in a filtered manner. By default, this dashboard shows you an overview of events in the last 4 hours. If you want to see more data, you can change the time period. For more information about the event details listed in the Dashboard, see Section 6.4, Dashboard Details.

    • Events (Audit Log): This tab enables you to view all of the events that have occurred in the zone. The information is displayed in a format similar to the Events Configuration page. A count is displayed against those categories for which an event has been generated. For example, if a Bundle Assignment Management event has been generated, 1 is displayed against the Bundle Assignment Management category in the tree structure. When you click the event, the details of the event are displayed in the right pane.

  • Object Folders: The Audit tab in the object folders (Devices, Bundles, Polices and Users) enables you to view the audit events that are generated for all objects within the selected folder. For example, you can view the events generated for all bundles within a bundles folder. Hence, all bundle-related events can be viewed in the Bundles folder. The information is categorized similar to the Events Configuration page. You can browse through events that have occurred, and if you need more information, you can click the event to view the event details.

  • Objects: You can also view the audit events for an object within the object folder. For example, if you select a particular bundle within a bundles folder, you can view the events generated for that specific bundle.

To view the generated event details (Example: Bundle Assignment Management event):

  1. Log in to ZENworks Control Center.

  2. (Dashboard) To view the events in the Dashboard, click Dashboard > Events.


    (Object Folder) To view the events for all objects in a folder (for example, a device folder, bundles folder, or policy folder), click the folder's Details link, then click the Audit tab.


    (Object) To view the events for a specific object (for example, a device, bundle, or policy), click the object, then click the Audit tab.

  3. Click the Change Events tab.

  4. In the tree structure, click Change Events and expand the ZENworks System category.

    Depending on the number of audit change events configured, the relevant count is displayed against the change event category.

  5. Click Bundles > Bundle Assignment Modified.

    The details of the generated event are displayed in the right pane.

    NOTE:To view the details of the event in a new window, click