10.3 Modifying the Device Naming Template Used During Registration

The device naming template determines how devices are named when they register. By default, a device hostname is used. You can change it to use any combination of the following machine variables: ${HostName}, ${GUID}, ${OS}, ${CPU}, ${DNS}, ${IPAddress}.

If the naming template causes conflicting device object names, another machine variable is automatically appended to make the second name unique. For example, if you are using the hostname for the name and you have two devices with the same hostname, the GUID is added to the hostname to create a unique name.

To modify the template:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Management Zone Settings panel, click Device Management, then click Registration to display the Registration page.

  3. In the Device Naming Template panel, click , then select the desired machine variable from the list.

    You can use any combination of one or more variables. For example:


    NOTE:When you use ${IPAddress} as device name, then IPv4 address will be used while renaming the device. If the device has only IPv6 address, then IPv6 address will be used as device name, but all “:” will be replaced with “_”.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.