4.0 Importing Devices from CSV Files

You can add devices to the ZENworks database by importing their information from a CSV (comma-separated values) file. When you import information from a CSV file, you map the CSV fields to ZENworks database fields. At a minimum, the CSV file must contain the DNS name or IP address for each device you want to import. The CSV file can contain the information in any order. An option to choose the column (which contains a valid number that is to be mapped with the selected device field) is provided while importing devices from a CSV file.

To import devices from a CSV file:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Deployment tab.

  2. In the Deployment Activities list in the left navigation panel, click Import Deployable Devices to launch the Import Devices from CSV File Wizard.

  3. Complete the wizard by using information from the following table to fill in the fields.

    Wizard Page


    Select File to Import page

    Browse for and select the CSV file that contains the devices you want to import. At a minimum, the CSV file must contain the DNS name or IP address for each device you want to import.

    Configure Import

    Map the columns in the CSV file to the device fields in the ZENworks database. At a minimum, you must map the CSV file’s DNS name or IP address to the ZENworks database DNS Name field or IP Address field.

    To create the information mappings:

    1. Click Add to display the Specify Import Columns dialog box.

    2. Fill in the following fields:

      Field: Select the device field you want to map to a column in the CSV file.

      Column: Specify a column and then number it to match the selected device field.

      Example 4-1 For example

      If the first column in a CSV file contains IP address information, the second column contains DNS name information while the third column contains operating system information, then the values of the above fields would be:

      Field: IP Address, Column:1

      Field: DNS Name, Column: 2

      Field: Operating System, Column: 3

    3. Click OK to create the information mapping and add it to the list.

    4. To verify that the field is mapped to the correct column, click Verify.

    5. Repeat the above steps to create and verify additional information mappings.

    When you finish the wizard, the devices are added to the list in the Deployable Devices panel.