8.3 ZENworks Agent Versus Inventory-Only Module

You can fully manage devices on which the ZENworks Agent is deployed. This includes distributing software, enforcing policies, remotely managing the device, and so forth. The ZENworks Control Center displays managed devices on the Managed tab in the Device page.

Deployment instructions for the ZENworks Agent are provided in Section 11.0, Deploying the ZENworks Agent.

If a Windows device does not meet the requirements for deploying the ZENworks Agent or if you want to inventory a Linux or a Macintosh device, you can deploy the Inventory-Only module.

For details see System Requirements in the ZENworks 2020 Update 1 System Requirements for details.

After you deploy the module, the device is added to the ZENworks database. The ZENworks Control Center displays inventoried-only devices on the Inventoried tab in the Device page.

NOTE:The inventory-only module only collects and sends the inventory data. It does not perform any of the other tasks associated with the ZENworks Agent.

Deployment instructions for the Inventory-Only module are provided in Section 14.0, Deploying the Inventory-Only Module.