6.0 Viewing or Updating Device Details

After a device is discovered, its details are listed in ZENworks Control Center, based on the information available for a discovered device. For example, if the SNMP information is not available for a discovered device, then the SNMP Information panel is not displayed.

If the discovered information for a device is incorrect or insufficient, administrators with the Edit Discovered Device rights can manually change the details for the fields that have the Edit button next to them. However, except for the Asset information, manually updated information is overwritten with the discovered information when a discovery is run again for the same IP address.

You can view the following information about the discovered device:

  • Discovery Information: Displays the identification information, device type, discovery process status, deployment process status, mode of the discovery, and network type of the device.

  • Network Information: Displays the IP address, MAC address, and DNS name of the device.

  • Management Information: Displays the ZENworks Agent version and Management Zone name. For a managed device that belongs to the same zone from which a discovery is run, you can also view the Summary page and hardware and software inventory information of the associated managed device.

    These details are displayed for managed devices only.

  • Asset Information: Displays the description, manufacturer, model, serial number, and asset tag number of the device.

    For routers, hubs, and switches, the number of ports and firmware revision details are also displayed.

    For printers, the number of pages and firmware revision details are displayed.

  • OS Information: Displays the operating system type and version, memory, disk space, and hardware information.

  • SNMP Information: Displays the SNMP object identification, SNMP system name, and up-time of the SNMP service.

To view or update the device details:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Devices > Discovered.

  2. In the Discovered panel, click a device type, then click a discovered device for which you want to view or update the details.

    The Details page lists information about the discovered devices.

  3. (Conditional) If the discovered information for a device is incorrect or insufficient, click Edit, then manually change the details for the fields.

    Your manual changes are overwritten the next time a discovery is run for this device.