11.15 Installing the Agent by Using YUM on RHEL

You can install the ZENworks Agent on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) devices by using YUM.

IMPORTANT:Currently installing the agent by using YUM is not supported for Scientific Linux.

The ZENworks Server hosts a repository, which is used by YUM to install the ZENworks Agent at the following URL:





NOTE:This URL http:/<server_ip>:<port>/zenworks-agent-addon might not list any repositories if server is configured with non-default ports.

You need to manually register the installed agent with the ZENworks Server.

To install the ZENworks Agent on RHEL, perform the following steps:

  1. Add a new repository file named zenworks.repo to the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory with the following content:

    For a 32-bit device:





    For a 64-bit device:



    exclude=*.i386 novell-zenworks-zislnx*.i586 xinetd*.i386 xinetd*.i686 novell-zenworks-xplat-zennotifyicon*.i586 novell-zenworks-xplat-jsvc*.i586 novell-zenworks-xplat-imaging-native*.i586 jre*.i586 novell-zenworks-zmg*.i586



    Replace server_ip with the DNS name or IP address of a ZENworks Server and repo_url with zenworks-agent-yum-repo-rhel5 for RHEL 5 and zenworks-agent-yum-repo-rhel6 for RHEL 6.

    NOTE:By default, YUM installs 32-bit RPMs on 64-bit devices. If multiple architectures for the same RPM are available in the YUM repository, both the 32-bit and 64-bit RPMs are installed on 64-bit devices. The exclude attribute ensures that conflicting 32-bit RPMs are not installed on the 64-bit devices.

  2. Ensure you disable SELinux before installing the agent. To install the agent, run the yum groupinstall zenworks-agent-addon command.

    SELinux provides limited access control on Linux. Select this option to disable SELinux if the agent is unable to open the ports required by ZENworks. SELinux is temporarily disabled only if the agent is unable to open the ports, and is automatically enabled again after the agent installation.

NOTE:On RHEL devices, if the ZENworks Agent is installed using the yum groupinstall, to uninstall it, you need to use the novell-zenworks-xplat uninstall located at /opt/novell/zenworks/bin. The yum groupremove is not supported.