7.0 Geolocating Windows 10 Devices

Use the Geolocation page to find the physical location of a selected Windows device. This ZENworks feature uses the Windows 10 location service to geographically locate devices that operate on Windows 10 version 1709 and later Windows 10 operating systems.

When you successfully execute a remote-find from the ZENworks Control Center using this feature, the coordinates and accuracy of the device’s location are displayed on the page. This also starts the dynamic indicator for Last Located, which will reflect the last time you located this device if you re-open the Geolocation page with the device selected.

Click View on map to graphically pin-point the location on a Google Maps page.

For information about what determines location accuracy or how the Windows 10 location service works, see https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10-location-and-privacy.