ZENworks Endpoint Security Policies Reference

  ZENworks Endpoint Security Policies Reference
      About Security and Configuration Policies
      Types of Security Policies
      How Network Locations Operate
      How User, Device, and Zone Policy Assignments Operate
      How the Effective Policy is Determined
      Policy Versioning
      Session Support
      Security Policy Summary
    Policy Deployment
      Deployment Best Practices
      Creating Security Policies
      Testing Security Policies
      Assigning Security Policies
      Viewing Effective Policies
    Policy Management
      Editing a Policy’s Details
      Defining a Policy’s System Requirements
      Publishing Policies
      Renaming, Copying, and Moving Policies
      Enabling and Disabling Policies
      Replicating Policies to Content Servers
      Importing and Exporting Policies
      Managing Policy Groups
    Policy Removal
      Removal Best Practices
      Removing Policy Assignments From Users and Devices
      Removing Policy Assignments From the Management Zone
      Deleting Policies
      Deleting Versions of a Policy
    Policy Settings
      Application Control Policy
      Communication Hardware Policy
      Data Encryption Policy
      Firewall Policy
      Location Assignment Policy
      Microsoft Data Encryption Policy
      Scripting Policy
      Security Settings Policy
      Storage Device Control Policy
      USB Connectivity Policy
      VPN Enforcement Policy
      Wi-Fi Policy
    Data Encryption Key Management
      About Data Encryption Keys
      Generating a New Encryption Key
      Exporting Encryption Keys
      Importing Encryption Keys
    Naming Conventions in ZENworks Control Center
    Troubleshooting Endpoint Security
      Recovering Data in Folders Encrypted by the Microsoft Data Encryption Policy
    Legal Notice