ZENworks Asset Inventory Reference

  ZENworks Asset Inventory Reference
      Scanning for Hardware Information
      Scanning for Software Information
      Scanning for Demographic Information
      Security Considerations
    Scanning Managed Devices
      Configuring an Inventory Scan
      Scheduling an Inventory Scan
      Running an Inventory Scan
      Adding Hardware Products from ZENworks Control Center
      Viewing an Inventory Report for a Managed Device
      Editing a Managed Device‚Äôs Inventory Data
    Scanning Inventory Only Devices
      Configuring an Inventory Only Scan
      Scheduling an Inventory Only Scan
      Viewing an Inventory Report for an Inventory Only Device
      Editing the Demographic Data of an Inventory Only Device
      Enabling Reconciliation
      Using the Portable Collector
    Scanning Demographic Data
      Configuring the Collection Data Form
      Deploying the Collection Data Form
      Configuring the Collection Data Form Launch Schedule
      Launching the Collection Data Form Using a Quick Task
      Deploying the Data Collection Form Using a Device Task
      Scanning Demographic Data on an Inventory Only Device
    Importing Demographic Data
      Creating LDAP Import Tasks
      Executing LDAP Import Tasks
      Viewing or Editing LDAP Import Tasks
    Creating Local Software Products
      Understanding Local Software Products
      Understanding the Local Software Products Panel
      Creating Local Software Products
      Consolidating Local Software Products
      Editing Product Information
      Updating the ZENworks Knowledgebase
      Creating a New Software Fingerprint Request
    Using Administrator-Defined Fields
      About Administrator-Defined Fields
      Creating an Administrator-Defined Field
      Removing Administrator-Defined Fields from Web Console Reports
    Using Reports
      Using Inventory Standard Reports
      Using Inventory Custom Reports
      Inventory Report Rights
      Administrator Rights
      Manually Adding New Device Manufacturer or Model to the Inventory Reports
      Running Scheduled Report
    Managing Component Data
      Searching for a Component and Viewing Component Data
      Editing the Component Data
    Managing Product Data
      Searching for a Product and Viewing Product Data
      Reclassifying a Product
      Managing Product Categories and Subcategories
    Purge Inventory History
      Configuring Inventory History Purge Settings for the Zone
      Overriding Inventory History Purge Settings at the Device Level
    Inventory Workflow
      Inventory Workflow on a Workstation
      Inventory Workflow on a Primary Server
      Inventory Workflow on an Inventory Only Device
      Troubleshooting the Inventory Workflow
    Troubleshooting Asset Inventory
    Legal Notice