3.1 Configuring a Zone to Share Content

In order for a zone to share content objects like bundles and policies with other ZENworks zones, you need to enable one or more Primary Servers as Sharing Servers.

To enable a Primary Server as a Sharing Server:

  1. Log in to ZENworks Control Center.

  2. Click Configuration > Infrastructure Management > Zone Sharing settings.

  3. In the Sharing Servers list, click Add.

  4. In the Sharing Server field, click , select the server, then click Ok.

  5. In the Add Sharing Server dialog box, click Ok.

  6. In the Maximum Replication Sessions box, select the maximum number of subscription sessions for replication. You can select any value between 1 and 100. The default value is 10.

  7. In the Throttle Rate box, set the throttle rate to regulate the content transfer.

  8. Click Ok.

Having multiple Sharing Servers provide the following advantages:

  • If the status of one server is busy, a subscriber’s request can be handled by another server.

  • On a server failure, a subscriber’s request is switched to another server.

If you want to disable your zone from sharing content, select the Suspend Zone Sharing box.