3.4 Replicating the Assignable Content Objects

Once the content is assigned to a Subscriber, it needs to be replicated in the Subscriber zone. To replicate content;

  1. In ZENworks Control Center.

  2. Click Subscribe and Share.

  3. In the Subscriptions tab, click New > Subscription.

  4. Select ZENworks Subscription and click Next.

  5. Provide a name for the ZENworks Subscription and click Next.

  6. Select a zone by clicking the Registered Zones drop-down list.

  7. Click Next.

  8. If you have selected Bundles for download, then select Bundles or Bundle group listed under the Bundle Selection section.


    If you have selected Policies for download, then select Policies or Policy group listed under the Policy Selection section.

  9. Click Next and complete the instructions on the wizard.

  10. Click the ZENworks Subscription that is created.

  11. In the Summary page, click the Run Now link.