3.6 Zone Sharing and Subscription

The Subscribe and Share feature in ZENworks allows you to share content objects (for example, bundles and policies) that can be assigned across multiple ZENworks zones:

  • Sharing Zone: Shares content.

  • Subscriber Zone: Subscribes to the sharing zone, and replicates the shared content in its own zone.

In the ZENworks Control Center, you can use the Zone Sharing settings link in the Infrastructure Management panel to manage the sharing activities of the zone.

In the Sharing zone, a Primary Server is identified as a Sharing server. All content sharing activities are done through this server. The Subscriber zone registration is done by providing a subscriber key from the sharing zone. Subscriber key does not entitle a subscriber for any content. The Subscriber key is for Subscriber registration.

The required content is then shared from the Sharing zone and is replicated in the Subscriber zone. You will be notified if there are any replication issues; you can take the corrective actions.

For more details, see ZENworks Subscribe and Share Reference.