3.3 Overriding the Zone’s Location Awareness Mode Setting on a Device Folder or Device

You can configure the Location Awareness mode at the device folder level and device level. Configuring the mode at the device folder level overrides the zone setting for all devices in the folder. Configuring the mode at the device level overrides both the zone setting and the device folder setting for the device.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, locate the device folder for which you want to configure the Location Awareness mode, then click Details (next to the folder name) to display the folder properties.


    Locate the device for which you want to configure the Location Awareness mode, then click the device name to display the device properties.

  2. Click the Settings tab, then click Device Management > ZENworks Agent to display the ZENworks Agent page.

  3. In the ZENworks Agent panel, click Override settings to activate the settings.

  4. In the Agent Location Awareness panel, select the mode you want:

    • Location Awareness Lite: The agent uses network information provided by the operating system. This mode has limitations that the full Location Awareness mode does not. See Location Awareness Lite Limitations for details.

      If you use Location Awareness Lite mode and a device also has ZENworks Endpoint Security Management installed and enabled, the device uses Location Awareness mode instead. This occurs because ZENworks Endpoint Security Management and Location Awareness mode use the same ZENworks drivers. The agent detects that the drivers are installed and automatically switches to full Location Awareness mode, regardless of the mode setting.

    • Location Awareness: The agent installs ZENworks drivers to collect network information. The drivers provide more detailed information than the operating system, which enables the agent to make a more accurate determination of the location.

  5. Click OK to save your changes.