5.4 Location and Network Environment Selection on a Managed Device

If you have multiple locations and network environments defined in ZENworks Control Center, the agent on the managed device scans all the defined network environments to identify matched environments. From the identified environments, the agent selects the network environments that have the highest number of matched network services (such as Client IP Address and DNS Servers). The agent then scans the ordered list of locations, identifies the first location that contains any of the selected network environments, and selects the location and the first matched network environment contained within this location.

For example:

The locations defined in ZENworks Control Center are listed in the following order: L1 and L2

The network environments within L1 are listed in the following order: NE1, NE2, and NE4.

The network environments within L2 are listed in the following order: NE2, NE3, and NE4.

The agent on the managed device detects that NE2, NE3 and NE4 all match on the managed device.

If NE2 and NE4 each have two network service matches each, and NE3 has just one network service match, the agent selects NE2 and NE4 because they have the most network service matches. Because NE2 is the first listed network environment in L1, L1 and NE2 are selected as the location and network environment.

NOTE:For a network environment to be considered matched on the managed device, it must meet all the restrictions set in the network environment. These include the Minimum Match attribute specified for the network environment and also the Match Required attribute specified for the network services within the network environment.